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Untitled : Drabble

One person wished to stay.

He stepped into the room, a few men behind his back. They were pushing him forward whenever he stopped walking, forcing him to take a step forward after another.

"What now?"

He sighed, looking at the familiar police officer. His hands were cuffed behind his back, so it was lucky for the officer. If they're not, he wouldn't be standing straight with that smug face he has. "Why do I keep on getting visits from you?" He spitted the words like venom.

He hated the officer's gut. "Because you refused to tell me what I want to know."

He sighed loudly, rolling his eyes in a sarcastic manner. He's sure the other officers behind his back wanted to beat him up by now for disrespecting. "You really need to get you trust issues checked." He blurted with a slight disgust. "I told you I did not kill him; what more can I say?"

"The criminal psychologist said otherwise." He rolled his eyes before looking at the officer's face as if he couldn't get to this dumb level the officer was on.

He clicked his tongue. "Maybe it's the psychologist of yours."

"Please cooperate." The officer was losing his patience, he could see that clearly. "How? By throwing myself under the bus for something I didn't do? Sorry to break it to you, news flash, I won't admit something I didn't do."

"I want to sleep." He then turned around to leave. Then he remembered something, "Oh, and. I hope the next time you'll visit me, please call in my lawyer. Because I won't be speaking without one next time."

But he really wanted to leave.

My inspiration differs. One time, it is from a video and the next it is from my personal research
In this site, everything is purely fictional though some of the real diseases are discussed here.

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